prevent EtBr from moving

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Sat Sep 10 17:01:27 EST 2005

On Sat, 10 Sep 2005, Tom Knight wrote:

> Peter Ellis <pjie2 at> writes:
>> muffco at wrote:
>>> One suggestion seems very convenient an reliable to me:  adding EtBr
>>> into the running buffer.
>> I don't see why that helps in the slightest - if anything the EtBr will
>> be *more* mobile in the running buffer than in the gel, and will simply
>> run to one end of the tank.  You won't get even staining with this
>> method either
> Adding EtBr to the running buffer works extremely well.  We do it all
> the time, and I've never seen any evidence of uneven staining (unless
> someone replaces the buffer and forgets to add it).  We (roughly) add
> the same concentration to the running buffer as we do to the gel
> solution.  The amount is very non-critical.
This works fine for me too.

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