prevent EtBr from moving

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> My last questin has been solverd by reading preavious comments on the
> same topic, but a new concern arose. And i feel its a concern, that is
> worth to concern about:
> In my lab the standard method is to incorporate EtBr into the gele, and
> to dispose the buffer left in the chamber into the sink.
> I read about several methods people apply to detoxify EtBr, do You also
> think its worth doing this with the contaminated buffer? How bad is ist
> to dispose buffer in the sink? Should i ask my lab manager about the
> handling of the buffer? Or suggest him to apply a special
> detoxification method? I am confused. 8-|
> Yours Andreas

You can keep re using the buffer for staining.
Than let it evaporate and dispose of the solid residues the usual way.

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