prevent EtBr from moving

Tom Knight tk at
Sat Sep 10 16:44:52 EST 2005

Peter Ellis <pjie2 at> writes:
> muffco at wrote:
> >One suggestion seems very convenient an reliable to me:  adding EtBr
> >into the running buffer.
> I don't see why that helps in the slightest - if anything the EtBr will 
> be *more* mobile in the running buffer than in the gel, and will simply 
> run to one end of the tank.  You won't get even staining with this 
> method either

Adding EtBr to the running buffer works extremely well.  We do it all
the time, and I've never seen any evidence of uneven staining (unless
someone replaces the buffer and forgets to add it).  We (roughly) add
the same concentration to the running buffer as we do to the gel
solution.  The amount is very non-critical.

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