prevent EtBr from moving

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>>You can keep re using the buffer for staining.
> First of all, use a box with a tight closing cover for your staining
> solution. Then nothing of your solution will evaporate and you can use
> it more than once. Keep in mind, that ethidiumbromide is sensitive to
> light, so keeping this box on the window sill is not a good idea.
>>Than let it evaporate and dispose of the solid residues the usual way.
> This is a good way, to get toxic dust everywhere. I would filter the
> buffer through charcoal and then throw the charcoal into the
> contaminated waste. 

Very nice, thanks for correcting me.
If I remember correctly, there is a sigma product specially designed for 
that purpose.
Maybe these web pages would help:

etc. (google: disposal of etidium bromide)

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