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>On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 04:30:44 GMT, dk at no.email.thankstospam.net (DK)
>>I have a topoisomerase expressing vector sitting in the fridge and 
>>a folder in my desk that has 100% finished designs for the vector 
>>to be made into TOPO version.... The plasmid from Dr. Schuman
>>came with MTA that was pretty shocking (that's the way Sloan
>>Kettering lawyers are, I suppose). 
>What's MTA?

Material Transfer Agreement. What you describe below is a pretty
egregious example of one.

>  Is that same as the thing we got from someone when we
>requested some plasmid construct which demanded that 1) any paper we
>want to publish using their construct must first be sent to them for
>approval, 2) they reserve the rights to patent anything we do using
>that vector?
>Given that it was  a fairly simple construct that I could have made
>myself in 3-4 days time, it was a stunningly shameless attempt to
>claim other people'w work as their own.  I assume that it is what
>their institute demanded, or I would name and shame those idiots who
>make such demands.

In that case, I would feel free to shame the institute, then, although
I doubt "outing" them on usenet will have much of an effect. I think
we need someone who has a high profle to write an editorial of about
such practices in _Science_.

Maybe we (as a community) need to set up the molecular biology
equivalent of GNU's free software movement; i.e, make constructs that
are royalty- and license-free and deposit them in a publically
accessible archive (like ATCC or  such).


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