Easy Question - Aedans or Iaedans?

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>Hi everyone. I got a really simple (probably darn stupid) question.
>I'm a third year student doing a biochem project, and we used a
>fluorescent dye.  Now I'm not sure how to spell it.  I always thought
>it was spelled "Aedans" (pronounced eye-eee-dans), but while looking up
>it's correction factor on the web, I noticed there is also a dye
>spelled "Iaedans".  I've found online journal articles referring to
>both "Aedans" and Iaedans", and still haven't found the correction
>factor! (to adjust the 280 nm wavelength protein absorbance and get a
>corrected concentration).  I suspect they are both talking about the
>same thing, maybe it's an American/British spelling difference.  The
>dye we used fluoresced as a gorgeous ocean-blue glow under UV light and
>causes an spectrophotometer absorbance peak at 336 nm wavelength, does
>anyone know what dye it was?  If anyone knows the correction factor or
>could point me to the manufacturers website that would be awesome.
>Thank you.

Searching the website of Molecular Probes (now apparently owned by


indicates you are probably looking for
5-((((2-iodoacetyl)amino)ethyl)amino)naphthalene-1-sulfonic acid

Two references on that site can be found:

(scrolling down to the row for product no.  I14 indicates that it has
a molar extinction coefficient of 5700 at 336nm).

Also see;


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