Schlierens or Swirls in PolyAcrylamide Gradient Gel

Tony Nugent tnugent at
Thu Apr 6 16:24:28 EST 2006

Thanks Duncan for your suggestion,
I am in the process of trying this, with the different dies in the
We can make schlierens or swirls, when the polymerisation is too fast,
but these are of the very easy to see variety. A real distortion in the
Gel in essence.
The type of distortion I am talking about are very subtle, possibly only
on the surface of the Gel. Could these be caused by something on the
glass etc. The real problem is these gels are discarded, yet when we run
them there is no apparent connection to problems in the results. If we
could understand them, create them on demand etc, then we could make a
definitive statement to either not use the gels or ignore them
Thanks for your help

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