separation of single and double strand RNA/DNA comlpex

dr_pandu at dr_pandu at
Sun Apr 9 01:26:30 EST 2006

Dear Ali,
I am not sure wjat is your RNA/DNA complex, But I have a suggetion. RNA
can be seperated from DNA using Acid phenol extraction. RNA stays in
aqueous phase. We seperate DS RNA from SSRNA by precipitating the RNA
isolated using lithium chloride.
Lithium chloride at the final concentration of 2M precipitate single
stranded RNA and the RNA present in the aqueous phage is ds RNA, which
can be precipitated by increasing the LiCl  to 4M. I use this technique
to sepetrate cellular RNA (SS RNA) from the RNA of a DS RNA virus (
Bluetongue virus )
all the best 

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