Teflon coated tubes

Keppel, Michael Michael.Keppel at nmslab.com
Mon Apr 10 11:52:13 EST 2006

My name is Mike and I am employed at an analytical laboratory and I am having trouble with my borosilicate glass test tubes and their binding effects.
I searched the internet and found this parcel of information (below).
I am hoping that you may get this email and reply with the outcome of your search.
I am also looking for Teflon coated disposable or non-disposable (wash them) tubes for routine analyses.

>From 1999?

Hi all, Can anyone advise me of a company that supplies Teflon coated test tubes or any other sort of coated tube. I'm currently using borosilicate glass test tubes in assays involving nicotine in the micromolar concentration range and I suspect that some of the nicotine is binding to the sides of the test tubes. Any other advise in this matter would be most welcome. Thanks Adrian

Thank you,

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