Kyle Legate legatek at
Mon Apr 10 18:06:46 EST 2006

Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:
> Kyle,
> I store the EtOH in the -20 in order to prevent oxidation to
> Acetaldehyde (A) by oxygen and light. Traces of A might react with the
> DNA (am I paranoid?).  For the removal of traces of salt etc, you'll be
> better off when you work at RT (as you will anyway unless you do all
> the prepping in the icehouse or in a refrigerated centrifuge). At least
> DNA (in)solubility -as frequently told- should not be the reason why
> one stores the EtOH in the freezer.
> Probably also should be the same for iPropOH as its oxidation product
> aceton also might react with DNA.
> To all Bionetters: Please comment! Should one be concerned about it or
> doen't itr matter at all?
I had never considered this because I had never run into a situation 
where modified DNA might be a problem. The couple of times I had bad 
quality DNA I decided it was from spoiled phenol. Cloning, sequencing, 
PCR, transfection/transformation have all worked fine using room temp 
ethanol, sometimes several months old in clear glass on the shelf.

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