Cloudy TBS solution.

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Tue Apr 11 08:28:38 EST 2006

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> Hi,
> I'm having trouble keeping 1X TBS solution clear/transparent. It becomes 
> cloudy after a couple of days. I make it by diluting 10X TBS solution and 
> then adjusting the pH to 7.3. I don't autoclave after that. Is that the 
> reason why it gets cloudy?

Mold's I guess
Make a fresh 1x dilution each day from the 10x TBS solution , or keep the 1x 
TBS in the refrigerator for a few days if that is more convenient.Keep the 
1x TBS always on ice while working with it.Think of 1x TBS as milk , the 
bugs like it  :(

The mold's and other bugs don't grow in the 10x Solution because the osmotic 
pressure is way to high for them.You can keep the 10x TBS on your bench at 
rt. I always filter sterilise the 10x TBS and treat it with care.


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