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Wed Apr 12 08:12:44 EST 2006

"Wolfgang Schechinger" <novalidaddress at> wrote:

>There is a (at least theoretical) possibility that you get modified
>amino groups when you treat your DNA with aldehydes / ketones by
>formining imines. This reaction is reversible however. Most restriction

I know, I am using formaldehyde to crosslink DNA and proteins for IP.

>When I find the time, I'll do some more systematic checks and post the

I don't say, that this is not happening, but I question the relevance.
As I never got any problems with keeping the ethanol at room
temperature, it is not necessary for me, to change the procedure.
YMMV. Nevertheless I would be interested in results from testing it.
And it would also be interesting to know, how much alcohol is oxidized
to the aldehyde.


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