secreted eukaryotic HIS-recombinant protein

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Wed Apr 12 08:41:55 EST 2006

Have you tried the ProBond™ Purification System (Invitrogen) Kit
below, if your Western blot was successful an Ab affinity column seems
the way to go, its going to be more specific than IMAC methodology.

"The ProBond™ Purification System with Antibody includes resin,
reagents, and
columns as described for the ProBond™ Purification System (previous
and 50 µl of the appropriate purified mouse monoclonal antibody.
reagents are included to perform six purifications and 25 Western blots
with the
For more details on the antibody specificity, subclass, and protocols
for using
the antibody, refer to the antibody manual supplied with the system."

Here's the protocol link:

Fisher Code:    VXK85301     (50)
Supplier Code: K85301
Price:    £424.40

Try requesting a sample.

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