slide assay with vista green. It's possible?

gberna gberna at
Wed Apr 12 09:21:22 EST 2006

Thanks  Gys,
I've seen your link , but I'm finding,if it's possible, a tecnique that
allow me to look immediatly after spotting if my DNA (PCR) are blocked
onto slide.
I need this  becouse, I work in a university, but the spotter and the
scanner are located in a a differt city were I can only Spotting and
(This is the Italy!!!)


GysdeJongh ha scritto:

> "gberna" <gberna at> wrote in message
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> > Dear,
> > I have a question.
> > I want to see if in my slides the DNA is locked on surface (polylysina)
> > immediately after spotting procedure.
> > My Boss said me that there are some product  like "Vista Green" that
> > allow to see immediately (with scanner) if the DNA are onto slides, and
> > after I can clean the same slide and perform a normal  hybridization
> > Someone can help me to understand which product I can use and if it's
> > possible?
> Hi gberna ,
> I  _guess_  from your post that you are working with DNA Microarray's and
> that you are using the sort where DNA oligo's are spotted on poly-lysine
> coated slides. If that is true look here for more information :
> I use a special designed random 9-mer Oligo which has a 5'-Cy5 label.I do
> one or two test hybridisations with this Oligo for each batch of printed
> Microarray's , just following our standard protocol.This will stain all the
> spotted DNA's equally , if the Microarray's are OK
> hth
> Gys

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