slide assay with vista green. It's possible?

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> Thanks  Gys,
> I've seen your link , but I'm finding,if it's possible, a tecnique that
> allow me to look immediatly after spotting if my DNA (PCR) are blocked
> onto slide.
> I need this  becouse, I work in a university, but the spotter and the
> scanner are located in a a differt city were I can only Spotting and
> scannig
> (This is the Italy!!!)

Hi gberna ,
you can see the autofluorescence of the spotted DNA just after spotting and 
baking or UV croslinking with a normal scanner . Fast . After washing and 
blocking , the autofluorscence of the DNA is nolonger visible. However you 
can stain the array , at that point , very quicky with SbrGreen or SybrGold 
. Dip , wash with MilliQ and dry . Fast . We use the hybridisation with the 
synthetic Oligo because this tests the whole process from begin to end and , 
in our hands , is the most reliable quality control .

Or you could buy Affi- or ABI chips . Faster .
They have another advantage : they are the only one accepted for publication 
! You will not get a publication with home brew chips in any serious 

There are a number of companies that provide a complete service. You send 
them your RNA , they give you a DVD with the gene regulations and the 
bioinformatics . Completely interpreted . The fastest  :)

Take care

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