desperately seeking Bisbenzimide-PEG 6000 alias Resolver Gold

chovek69 ivanoov at
Sun Apr 16 06:46:36 EST 2006

Hi Ralf,

The substance you're looking for is also known as H.A. yellow and is
available from a german company:
Hanse Analytik GmbH which now is GeneScan GmbH . I think you can
contact with the following person:
Rüggeberg H. Hanse Analytik GmbH Hanse Analytik Labor
Bremen (DE)
Fax +49 421 2208 278
info at
There are also H.A red which binds to CG rich sites and also is used
for DNA separation.

Hope this helps. Please post if you succed to find it 'cause I also
intend to try this technique.

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