slide assay with vista green. It's possible?

Jose de las Heras josenet at
Sun Apr 16 18:34:49 EST 2006

"Peter Ellis" <pjie2 at> wrote in message 
news:4a8efvFs215jU1 at
> Jose de las Heras wrote:
>> I think you are.
>> And if this is the Peter I think he is, then even more so.
> Intriguing and possibly a little scary.  Who do you think I am?  :-)
> Peter

Nothing sinister! :-)

I may have met you a couple of years ago (almost exactly) at a microarray 
workshop at a large institute in the UK? If you are who I think you may be, 
then you were involved in the practical side of things as well as one or two 

but then, I could also be completely wrong... my memory with names sometimes 
plays tricks on me.


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