slide assay with vista green. It's possible?

Peter Ellis pjie2 at
Sun Apr 16 19:19:58 EST 2006

Jose de las Heras wrote:
> I may have met you a couple of years ago (almost exactly) at a
> microarray workshop at a large institute in the UK? If you are who I
> think you may be, then you were involved in the practical side of
> things as well as one or two seminars...

It's possible.  Alternatively, you may have met the *other* Peter Ellis from 
Cambridge who does microarrays.  A few doors down, in Biochemistry rather 
than Pathology.

I don't lay claim to be any huge expert.  I use arrays to tell me fun stuff 
about testes.  Usually the arrays work.  When they don't, I swear at them 
till they do.  Every so often I get to go and give talks to people, which 
(depending on audience) usually have to start by explaining what arrays are, 
or what testes are, before I can get to the fun bits.  When I talk about 
array work, I usually leave out the swearing.  It's a hard life.


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