FW: desperately seeking Bisbenzimide-PEG 6000 alias Resolver Gold

Deanne Bell dbell at fresno.ars.usda.gov
Mon Apr 17 11:49:27 EST 2006

I went through the whole bisbenzimide-PEG 6000 scout a couple of years ago based off a 1997 paper by Muller, Kruse, Tabrett, & Barbara on bisbenzimide-PEG for single base detection.

What I found out is that I would have to conjugate my own stuff and it just seemed way too haz mat and troublesome for me. But here is the paper I found on Bp-PEG derivation:   1981. Muller, Hattesohl, Schuetz, & Meyer. Nucleic Acids Research January 10; 9(1): 95-119

hope this helps,
Deanne Bell

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>Hi Ralf,
>The substance you're looking for is also known as H.A. yellow 
>and is available from a german company:
>Hanse Analytik GmbH which now is GeneScan GmbH . I think you 
>can contact with the following person:
>Rüggeberg H. Hanse Analytik GmbH Hanse Analytik Labor Bremen 
>(DE) Fax +49 421 2208 278 info at hanse-analytik.de There are 
>also H.A red which binds to CG rich sites and also is used for 
>DNA separation.
>Hope this helps. Please post if you succed to find it 'cause I 
>also intend to try this technique.
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