gberna gberna at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 11:01:42 EST 2006

I have some problems about how to analyze my data:
I'm processing some microarray with protein .
On  every slide, I made an hybridization on slide with peptides and my
antibody  was  colored  with Cy3 and Cy5.
In this case the the spots would have to be the same one (becouse cy3
and cy5 are the same one), in fact I see a yellow spot
How  can I process this data?
Using excel I calculated log 2 (cy3median-bkg/cy5median-bkg)
How can I normalize the data?
Can you help me?

I want to see the report between for example the prtA_phosfo/prtA (2
peptides on slides)and I don't know which data I must consider.

I hope that someone have understood this delirious post.


sorry for my english
I use GPR file

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