slide assay with vista green. It's possible?

IanMc zebedeeboy at
Thu Apr 20 05:54:03 EST 2006

> I think I could agree with most of that.  I'd rather do the arrays myself 
> rather than getting someone else to do them, but that I suppose is because 
> I've been doing them for a while now and am familiar with the process.
> Peter

Unfortunately I don't think you are in the majority of investigators who 
want to use arrays. Why spend time and energy worrying about processing the 
arrays when you can get an Affy chip done for £500 all-in. The biggest 
problem for most people (who will tend to be non-experts) is getting a 
bioinformaticist involved in the larger projects. Generally the 
interpretation phase is where investigators need to spend their limited 
available time trying to answer their biological questions.

Ian Mc 

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