slide assay with vista green. It's possible?

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Fri Apr 21 09:39:30 EST 2006

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> IanMc wrote:
>> Unfortunately I don't think you are in the majority of investigators
>> who want to use arrays. Why spend time and energy worrying about
>> processing the arrays when you can get an Affy chip done for £500
>> all-in.
> Because my latest project used 172 slides, and we didn't have £85,000 to 
> spend on the array part.

But if you account for the fact that there is no need to do dye swaps with 
Affy (86 chips) or technical replicates as their manufacturing process 
allows for 11 different probes per gene and cvs in the 5% range (43 chips). 
The cost is somewhat less (?43 chips £21,500).

And also generally acheived without any swearing as Affy will replace bad 
chips (mostly because they don't make very many of them) and their coverage 
of the transcriptome is generally complete.

Ian Mc 

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