Promoter isolation

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It all depends what you have at your disposal. Do you already have the genomic 
sequence? The cDNA sequence will not be sufficient for any PCR downstream.  
Once you have the genomic sequence figured out, the Genome Walker (r) from 
Clonetec works quite well.  I had been able to get almost 1.5 kb upstream 
using it.

Quoting "Dr. Tribikram Bhattarai" <Tribikram.Bhattarai at>:

> I have isolated a stress related gene from cDNA library. The gene is active
> in all sorts of 
> stress conditions. So I am interested on its promoter. I tried with inverse
> PCR to isolate 
> the promoter but have no success. If you know any thing to get success by
> inverse PCR 
> or if know other better methods to isolate a promoter please write me.
> Tribikram
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