EtBr in polyacrylamide gels

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What you have to do is put your gel after the run in a cuvette with an 
Bromide solution in water (I don't have now the concentration, but it is more
or less 20 microliters of EtBr in 200 ml water) and keep it there 3-5 minutes.
After that wash the gel, by keeping it in a cuvette with water 5 minutes.
Depending on the lenght of your gel it may be not very easy to handle and may
break into peaces during the manipulation if you are not very skilled.
Nevertheless if the gel is broken, you can visualize and take a picture 
just by
recomponing the peaces on the UV iluminator.
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> Emre Oktem wrote:
>> We are trying to visualize DNA in polyacrylamide gels. Is there any reason
>> why we shouldn't put EtBr in a polyacrylamide gel before polymerizing it
>> just like we do in agarose gels instead of staining it later? In the
>> literature I couldn't see such a technique.
>> I feel that there is a drawback, what can it be?
> polymerization of acrylamide is a free-radical catalyzed 
> it will alter the (photo)chemical properties of EtBr.
> Austin
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