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- Update on single cell qPCR & qRT-PCR
- New and updated talks and posters from qPCR 2005 Event for download


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Single-cell molecular-biology is a relatively new scientific branch in
biology. Nowadays for most scientists the quantitative transcriptomics
in a single-cell is much more important, and the analytical method of
choice is the quantitative real-time RT-PCR. The relative abundance of
single mRNAs and their up- or down-regulation in a single cell,
compared to their neighbour cells, is the goal. The need for
quantitative single-cell mRNA analysis is evident given the vast
cellular heterogeneity of all tissue cells and the inability of
conventional RNA methods, like northern blotting, RNAse protection
assay or classical block RT-PCR, to distinguish individual cellular
contributions to mRNA abundance differences.
The new single-cell PCR page presents interesting papers, sampling
technologies and links about single-cell qRT-PCR, using
micro-manipulated or laser-capture microdissected tissue followed by
real-time RT-PCR



Talks :

Quantitative single cell RT-PCR and calcium imaging in acute brain

Forensic and single-moleculeassays of mitochondrial DNA using LATE-PCR.

Gene expresssion profiling in single cells.

Amplification based assays in the nanoliter volume range.


Single-cell PCR new page content

Single-cell gene expression profiling.

Gene expression and the myth of the average cell.

The real-time polymerase chain reaction (a section with single-cell

Combining laser capture microdissection with quantitative real-time
PCR: effects
of tissue manipulation on RNA quality and gene expression.

RNA expression profiling at the single molecule level.

Quantitative single-cell RT-PCR and Ca(2+) imaging in brain slices.

RNA amplification strategies for small sample populations.

Gene expression of single chondrocytes.

"Per cell" normalization method for mRNA measurement by quantitative
PCR and microarrays.

Multiplexing RT-PCR for the detection of multiple miRNA species in
small samples.

Gene expression profiling of individual bovine nuclear transfer

Sensitive and quantitative measurement of gene expression directly from
a small amount of whole blood.

Expression profiling of small cellular samples in cancer: less is more.

Genetic heterogeneity of single disseminated tumour cells in minimal
residual cancer.


FREE download of the qPCR 2005 Event NEW Talk PDFs and NEW Poster PDFs


- qPCR 2005 Symposium Proceedings ( ISBN 3000166874 )
- Download previous published Talks and Poster presentations
- Photo Galleries

NEW and updated TALKS for download:

mRNA quantification from archival cancer samples.

Normalisation of mRNA levels against total DNA content.

Amplification based assays in nanoliter volume range.

Detection of Food Pathogens using the Smart Cycler II.

Forensic and Single-Molecule Assays of Mitochondrial DNA Using

TripleHYB: A novel detection format for real-time PCR.

Use of standardized mixtures of internal standards in RT-PCR to
generate validated biomarkers
and to develop standardized transcript abundance reference databases.

Correlation of microarray and quantitative real-time RT-PCR results.

A Multiplex Branched DNA Assay for Parallel Quantitative Gene
Expression Profiling.

The best of both worlds - New dyes for qPCR for use in combination with

NEW and updated POSTERS for download:

MicroRNA expression signature in human glioblastoma multiforme brain

Novel reference genes for normalization of real-time PCR data in normal
human tissues and an application to gene expression profiling.

Genome Wide Expression Profiling of Paired Cancerous.

ENGL - The European Network of GMO Laboratories.


Upcoming Events - World-wide academic and commercial qPCR Events are
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Symposia, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Online-Seminars,
qPCR Education Program.....etc.
submit your qPCR event here   events at gene-quantification.info


TATAA Biocenter Germany qPCR Application workshops:


TATAA Biocenter have found that the worldwide demand for training in
the field of quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) is huge. To coordinate
this we aim to arrange practical courses, e.g. 3-day Core Module and
1-day or 2-day Biostatistics Module:

The basic qPCR Core Module contains three workshop days:
First workshop day will be directed to people planning or considering
using qPCR in their research and also users not yet fully familiar will
quantitative PCR. Second day targets more advanced users and people
concentrating on different quantification strategies. The third day
focuses on aspects in sample preparation and reverse transcription. The
additional qPCR Biostatistics Module explains statistics applicable to
qPCR and teaches how to use statistics to interpret qPCR gene
expression data, and classify samples based on qPCR expression
Courses contain both, theoretical seminars and practical hands-on
training with experienced supervision. Practical training will be
performed on three different real-time PCR cyclers, using multiple
detection chemistries. The Biostatistics Module is further based on
computer-based demonstrations. Please bring your own Laptop !
qPCR courses are held in regularly in Göteborg, Sweden and in
Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany (near Munich, very close to the Munich
Airport - MUC). Depending on the occasion different prices may apply.
Also different course modules are available on the different occasions.
Further customized workshops and specialized trainings will be held as
well across Europe and world-wide. TATAA Biocenter Germany courses are
held in cooperation with the Institute of Physiology, located at the
Technical University of Munich, in Freising-Weihenstephan.

Course Occasions 2006:

25th - 29th September 2006  ( fully booked )
23rd - 27th October 2006  ( still availibility )
20th - 24th November 2006 ( still availibility )



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