How Much Ligase Do I Need?

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>>> Nick Theodorakis wrote:
>>>> Are you thinking of Fermentas? They are (or at least were) a Lithuanian
>>>> company that used to sell through NEB.
>>> I have no idea. But if it is Fermentas I don't remember them being
>>> particularly cheap (are they?).  Perhaps they learned the ways of the
>>> capitalists.  Damn.
>>They're often cheaper than most other big ones, and they're good. We buy a
>>lot from them.
> We don't appear to have a catalog (or lost it somewhere as per usual),
> and the online one doesn't appear to have prices, so can you give some
> sample prices for comparison?

I keep forgetting to check in the lab (I read this from home)...

Generally the prices are lower, if not a lot lower, and some products are 
much cheaper. In my previous place our stores stocked their products so we 
had a special price. I'll se if I can get a few prices from our list for 

Musha ring dum a doo dum a dah -

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