polyacrylamide gel with formamide added???

Cristiano Fontes cristiano.fontes at canavialis.com.br
Thu Aug 24 08:22:28 EST 2006

Hello. I am from brazil and I research sugar cane. I would like to ask you
about this Formamid protocol
I am testing the same gel but with some changes in the protocol to find out
if the definition gets better.
Microsatellites, DNA, Buffer TBE 0.5
8% polyacrylamide
32% Formamide
6M Urea
0,01M Methylene-Bis-Acrilamid
20%  TBE 5%
20% Polyacrilamid 40%
I am having some problems with the polymerization of the Gel and in the RUN
too because the power doesn't get close to the 120W I need to make the warm
up or the 90W I need to the run, maybe because of the high percentage of
Formamid, but I would like to share information about this because I am
having some hard times in making this new protocol work as fine as the one
without formamid. But since I really need this kind of definition
improvement I am trying anything.
Thank you
Cristiano Fontes

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