How Much Ligase Do I Need?

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>>> We don't appear to have a catalog (or lost it somewhere as per usual),
>>> and the online one doesn't appear to have prices, so can you give some
>>> sample prices for comparison?
>>I keep forgetting to check in the lab (I read this from home)...
>>Generally the prices are lower, if not a lot lower, and some products are
>>much cheaper. In my previous place our stores stocked their products so we
>>had a special price. I'll se if I can get a few prices from our list for
> Found one eventually, an departmental one that is a year old, gives a
> price for ligase of £52 for 1000 U  (just a quick look at the
> departmental store, hope I got that correct).  So that makes it much
> cheaper (about 4-5 times cheaper than the Promega one I think,
> although I've found Promega to be generally more expensive than most).
> They should probable get a bit more aggressive in letting people know
> their prices (why don't they even list their prices on their
> website?).

You can get better prices even if you become a regular customer. Our lab now 
has a Fermentas freezer (via Helena, distributor in the UK). It's full of 
stuff we might normally use... restriction enzymes, modifying enzymes, 
ladders, dNTPs... we just take what we need and fill up a form to indicate 
what we take and what needs replacement. Every month they check the 
inventory and replenish it. Every year (I think) they remove stuff we 
haven't used, and put new ones. It gives us the convenience of (almost) 
always having everything at hand, and teh price is good.

Musha ring dum a doo dum a dah - 

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