is it possible to stain a dried polyacrylamide gel?

jeremyjz at jeremyjz at
Sun Aug 27 20:03:41 EST 2006


I have a 15% SDS-polyacrylamide gel that has been dried using a gel
dryer (2hr at 80C) some days ago.  At the time I did not stain the gel
before drying as it was intended for autoradiography.  However, now I
would like to stain the gel so that I would know for sure whether the
radiolabeled band on the film co-migrates with my protein of interest
that can be easily detected by coomassie blue.  Does anyone know how to
stain a dried gel or has anyone done it?  The dried gel is currently on
a filter paper (which was used during drying).  Any helpful comments
will be appreciated.

Thanks very much.


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