[chemicals] 4 western blots

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum via methods%40net.bio.net (by engelbert_buxbaum At hotmail.com)
Sat Dec 2 05:03:20 EST 2006

Lechu wrote:

> Is there any brand you would (not) reccommend? I was thinking of Sigma
> (mol.biol.grades), but there are so many much (more than 10 times
> sometimes) cheper manufacturers (like Roth in Germany for example). I
> just wonder whether this stuff is eqally good, especially for westerns
> with really expensive Abs.

I have had two cases with Sigma where the bottle did not contain the
material it said on the label (water-insoluble SDS and luminol that
wouldn' glow). General chemicals I obtain mostly from Fluka (although
now part of the Sigma-Aldrich group it seems to have maintained high
standards), for antibodies I use Dako and Accurate. Roth is especially
good for bulk chemicals like solvents. 

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