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Hi Jinchuan,
what kind of DNA is this? mt, genomic, cDNA??? Maybe DNA duplexes has an 
specific meaning, but I dont know it...You will only detect 20 different 
DNA sequences is all are different- which may not be the case. About 
models- you should look at a book on experimental design and sampling 
theory.  There are several models that come to mind,
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> hi everyone,
> I have 20 different DNA duplexs in a mixture. After ligation, transformation, I got a plate of colonies. Now how can I predict how many colonies should be sequenced to find all 20 DNA?  If I already sequenced 100 colonies and got 12 DNA, is there some model to calculate how many more should be sequenced to find others?
> Many thanks 
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> Jinchun Wang
> 2006-12-02

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