I am looking for a protocol to purify DNA drom silver stained PAGE Gels

Cristiano Fontes via methods%40net.bio.net (by cristiano.fontes At canavialis.com.br)
Wed Dec 6 14:08:49 EST 2006

Hello, i am doing my own sizestandart so I can make it with the exact band
sizes I have and I would like to find a way to purify the DNA I run in a 8%
polyacrilamid Gel, colored with silver. The thing is that I am going to use
this DNA into a PCR reaction and I think silver will compete with magnesium
In the reaction giving me a bad reaction and low DNA.
Is there any nice protocol to extract the DNA from the Gel and get rid of
the Silver ? or the silver doesn't compete with Mg ?
Cristiano Fontes

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