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On 12/7/06, Prof. Piero Sestili <sestili At uniurb.it> wrote:
> I feel safe with EtBr trapping bags from sigma. As an alternative I use
> to bleach EtBr in concentrated hypochlorite and as color disappears I
> also add HCl since I had seen somewhere that acidic environment promotes
> degradation of residual dangerous byproducts.  This procedure was on the
> WEB so you can look with a search engine for further details,
> Piero

Thank you Piero,  and Han, for the inputs...I did try the
google...(always do before I cry for help ;)); however, the data on
google confused me. I shall try the activated charcoal procedure.
 However, my major concern is a little wierd: We wash out own lab
coats, and I was wondering how safe that was to use with bleach in the
household-washing machine...

thank you again,
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> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone would know the details of decontaminating
> EtBr;  and if it interacts with Bleach to form any kind of toxic
> intermediate or product.
> thanks
> pow
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