How to inactivate proteins in organ extracts?

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> Dear Experts!
> How to inactivate proteins in an aqueous organ extract? An attempt to
> digest them with trypsin failed, probably due to trypsin inhibitor from
> blood / serum present in the samples. Heating / boiling comes into my
> mind, but this might kill other unknown substances in the extract.
> I would like to tell if a certain effect of this extract is due to a
> protein or something else.
> Any ideas?

a tricky problem I must say .........two suggestions/ ideas:

a. you probably could use a combination of proteases .... and pronase
would work well, although that too would'nt cleave all your proteins.
b. you could use some organic solvent, CHCl3/ phenol etc.,  just like
one does when isolating nucleaic acids, and take only the aqueous
phase may have to extract serially .... alternately, you could
use a combination of the two ....
Frankly, when I had to do this sorta experiment, I went to simplest
procedure of heating to about 70-90ºC.

hope that helps to add to the crazy idea database :))

> Thanks for your input!
> Wolfgang
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