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Subject: [western blotting] Abcam's ab9484 b-actin loading control vs
 casein blocking
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Hi all,

Abcam strongly reccommend to block ab9484 b-actin loading control
antibody (ab9484) with BSA instead of milk. Does anyone know what milk
component is most likely to cause problems with this ab? I need to
block this antibody with casein, hence my question.

best, Lech

Hi Lech,

Check this paper- looks like they used your Abcam ab and blocked with casein... (Sorry I can't get the whole paper from home). Hope this is useful to you.



150 ll of the blocking solution consisting of 1% casein in ... for b-actin (Abcam) as a loading control and for normalization ...

       Journal of Neuroscience Research                                                                Volume 84, Issue 8        , Pages 1871 - 1878Published Online: 22 Sep 2006                                                                                                            
                       setDOI("ADOI=10.1002/jnr.21074");        setISSN("1097-4547")        setISSN("0360-4012")        setEarlyView("-----")           Research Article
Lack of neprilysin suffices to generate murine amyloid-like deposits in the brain and behavioral deficit in vivo
Rime Madani 1, Raphael Poirier 2, David P. Wolfer 1, Hans Welzl 1, Peter Groscurth 1, Hans-Peter Lipp 1, Bao Lu 3, Mohammed El Mouedden 4, Marc Mercken 4, Roger M. Nitsch 2, M. Hasan Mohajeri 2 *

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