Hi i need Plasmid containing taq gene

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Sat Dec 16 20:37:57 EST 2006

On 16 Dec 2006 15:16:56 -0800, "WS" <novalidaddress At nurfuerspam.de>

>I there is npbody who has it or wants to share it:
>1) maybe you are lucky to obtain some Thermus aquaticus or its RNA or

Luck?  You can get the bug yourself, like from ATCC or DSMZ, and make
your own DNA.  (I find ATCC a pain though, took them ages to deliver
the last time I tried it).

Is Taq still under patent?  I don't think there should be any problem
making your own taq with regard to any patent (am I wrong on that?) ,
but giving other people your clone? What is the situation here?

>reveals the sequence of Taq
>3) make primers, , maybe add some tags for purification, clone it into
>your favorite expression vector
>4) purify a little (or slave some students)
>Have fun!
>Jose de las Heras wrote:
>> it's not unusual for researches to make their own Taq, nothing wrong with
>> that.
>> Jose

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