Protein purification using mouse anti-Myc Tag IgG

Breslauer via (by breslauer1981 At
Thu Dec 21 12:18:22 EST 2006

Protein purification using mouse anti-Myc Tag IgG
Hi there,

have question about publications & your experience. I'm going to purify
partially purifed recombinant protein (but containing ~30% of protein
contaminations) using affinity chromatography. I produced a lot of
monoclonal antibody - mouse anti-myc, and my protein has Myc-Tag.
Saying produced I mean collected supernatant from hybrydoma cells. The
thing is to purify & bind my antibodies and (it would be great if using
the same resign/column) pass my protein throuh it, hoping it will bind
with antibodies. Then wash & elute it. Do u thing that sepharose with
protein A will be good? Does any of u who have expereince in this
experiment may discuss this idea of expriment with me? Waiting for your


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