Guaiacol as HRP substrate

Matthew Davies m.davies at
Thu Feb 9 07:48:24 EST 2006



Recently enquired about substrates for HRP.  Decided on Guaiacol
(2-methoxyphenol) after reviewing the suggestions (thanks all).
Unfortunately, when I try the reaction between H2O2 and Guaiacol with =
get a dark brown precipitate.  I=92m using a phosphate buffer at pH 7.  =
changed from potassium to sodium based phosphate buffer to avoid
precipitation, but its still occurring.  The product is supposed to be
3,3=92-dimethoxy-4,4=92-biphenoquinone.  I=92m not using excessive =
amounts of
substrate (6mM) or H2O2 (bout 3 mM).  Have reviewed my experimental
procedure and it doesn=92t appear to be too different from other =


Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks all.


Matt Davies

Research Student

Science & Technology Research Institute

University of Hertfordshire

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