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Devendra Dusane microbesinaction at
Wed Feb 15 07:04:03 EST 2006

Dear Dr Brookes,
  I am a student from University of Pune, India, currently pursing my PhD in the field of biofilm. 
  I am presently working on MTT assay standardization for yeast. The assay says development of blue color by the dehydrogenase liberated by the yeast cells that cleaves MTT, in the experiment that I am conducting I am not able to get the blue color. 
  Can you please help me with any standard protocol for biofilm estimation with MTT or any other chemical. We also checked the MTT its fine and no problem of contamination or degradation etc is observed. We are not able to locate the problem in this assay. 
  We look forward for your sincere help and guidance in this.
  Looking forward to hear from you soon.
  Thanking you,

        Devendra Dusane
  JRF (BARC-UoP Research Programme)
  Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology,
  University of Pune,
  Ganeshkhind, Pune: 411 007
  mobile: +91-9822377730
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