ethidium bromide contamination on clothes

el elsbeau3 at
Fri Feb 17 23:35:57 EST 2006

the other day i was transfering a gel from the eletrophoresis box to a
tray to take it to the UV light box (while wearing gloves ofcourse)and
accidentally spilled some buffer on the front of my lab coat. I changed
my lab coat and went about the lab doing some stuff. then i realized
that some buffer may have gotten on my pants but wasn't really
concerned about it because i didn't realize that the buffer became
contaminated with ethidium bromide while you run it (i just assumed it
stayed in the gel). The amount in the gel was probably 1 to 0.5
micrograms per ml when i found out a couple of days later that there
was a small amount of ethidium bromide in the buffer i examined the lab
coat on the UV light box and there didn't appear to be any
contamination (ie there was no visible florescence where the buffer had
been spilled). I consulted the MSDS about my jeans and  it just said to
wash contaminated clothing before reuse so i threw my jeans in the wash
with regular detergent separately for a 30 minute cycle. I assumed this
would take care of removing any residual ethidium bromide but now i am
worried that i didn't based upon looking online.  the jeans (after
being washed) got mixed up with my other laundry and went into the
dryer with them when i meant to keep them separate. after being
paranoid i just threw the jeans out but could i have contaminated the
rest of my clothes with ethidium bromide or should i not worry about it
because it was such a small amount???

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