ethidium bromide contamination on clothes

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Tue Feb 21 15:22:42 EST 2006

DK wrote:
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> >    Careless handling of ethidium bromide can contaminate others in the
> >lab too which is not an ethical practice.
> Careless handling of anything is bad practice in the lab.
> But hugely exaggregating the danger is not the best way of ethical
> standards in the lab.

When I was a student, we had to do Cesium Chloride preps of some
plasmid (do students still do that? I was terrified of the
ultracentrifuge, probably connected with my fear of washing machines:)
Of course the preps were HEAVILY laced with EB (not to mention CsCl!)
and of course I did JUST what the prof suggested NOT to do, which was
put my hand behind the tube while I punctured it with a large-bore
needle to pull the band with my plasmid. Whoops! So I had basically
injected (not deeply, fortunately) myself with EB/salt solution
glowing-red. I did survive, evidently, although the case for brain
damage could be made ;-)

- Susan

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