ethidium bromide contamination on clothes

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Tue Feb 21 15:43:02 EST 2006

"Susan Hogarth" <hogarth at> wrote:

>When I was a student, we had to do Cesium Chloride preps of some
>plasmid (do students still do that? I was terrified of the

Oh yes, we did that, too. In a lab course, but I never did it again.
Although there are still some applications that need this kind of
purification. But they became rare...

>Of course the preps were HEAVILY laced with EB (not to mention CsCl!)

The two advantages of EtBr are good water solubility and an
instability to light...

>glowing-red. I did survive, evidently, although the case for brain
>damage could be made ;-)

Thats quite normal :-))


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