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> Hi,
> I'm trying to start learning how to make a Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis
> (Comet) test.
> For my purposes, a neutral Comet assay is enough. I do not have any
> experiences with this method so I asked a collegue to learn me how to
> pre-treat my microscope glides with the first normal melting point agarose
> layer. I tried to use both 0,75% H2O2-dissolved and 1% PBS-dissolved
> agarose. With the first I obtained a very thin unevenly distributed layer
> (not more than a few microns). With the second, I got a more visible
> layer but some portions of the glides are agaroseless.
> In my dept. nobody else makes Comet tests. Please, can anyone tell me some
> techtips to get a good first layer?
> Thanks so much to everyone.

Errata corrige:
obviously, I meant "...0,75% H2O-dissolved...".
Thanx again.


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