proper coprecipitant for primer extension

tania lombo tandna at
Sun Jun 4 15:03:35 EST 2006

im doing primer extension of some tRNAs. Facing one problem with my in vitro-transcribed control, i can get the full lenght signal but with a very strong background.
  I used total yeast RNA as coprecipitant in that reaction, not sure if this background is coming from inespecific binding of my primer to the yeast RNA.
  Anybody as experience on the use of primer extension for tRNAs?
  Thanks in advance,
  Tania Lombo

            Tania Bibiana Lombo Rodriguez
  Graduated Student-RNA Decay and Processing
  Max F. Perutz Laboratories 
Departments at the Vienna Biocenter
Institute for Microbiology and Immunobiology
  email:Tania.Lombo at
  Dr.Bohr.G. 9, Campus Vienna Biocenter 4
  Wien, Austria
  Phone: +431427754613
  Fax No.+14135134634

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