10% sarkosyl? Can't get it in!

Jayakumar, R R.Jayakumar at roswellpark.org
Wed Jun 7 13:33:37 EST 2006

Much Better, if you can autoclave it.  That will dissolve it very well.
I used to do that a long time when I used Sarkosyl in my DNA extraction
buffer.  Sarkosyl does not decompose upon autoclaving.

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>Hello all,
>I'm trying to make some 10% sarkosyl (N-lauryl sarcosine). It should be

>possible, should it not at 10% (w/v) in water. It doesn't appear to be 
>going in, despite stirring/heating. Admittedly our container of
>is rather old, and it had set together somewhat. Should I buy some new,
>are there any tricks? I may decide to make it up at 5% if I can't get
>in, but 10% would be more convenient.

I remember making 10% stock some time ago. It took something like 
overnight stirring ar RT. Make sure yours is sodium salt. A different
might have different solubility. 

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