gen replacement in E. coli

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Thu Jun 8 07:44:07 EST 2006

Dear Sir,
We are trying to create a chromosomal mutant in the gyrA gene. We have seen several papers on gene replacement in E. coli and we wonder whether there is any commecial system to do it or on the contrary it is neccesary to make the constructs?. We try to substitute the wild type GyrA gene by an allele containing a single aminoacid mutation. We have seen a paper entitled " Gene replacement without selection: regulated supression of amber mutations in Escherichia coli" plublished in Genne 2003. This paper is recommended in the web page Systematic Mutagenesis of E. coli K12. Could you please indicate us if we can use this approach or if you have any suggestion we would appreciate it very much.
Sincerely yours

Carmen Velasco

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