Liposome praparation-sonication problem

Kyle Legate legatek at
Sat Jun 10 18:20:50 EST 2006

roma.parrot at wrote:
> What is the influence of high degree of cholesterol in liposome
> composition (1/3) on sonication process?
> I've tried to prepare SUV as a part of DRV preparation (using sucrose),
> but I don't get a translucent solution (hazy) after 40 minutes (netto)
> of bath sonication. Might it be because the high degree of cholesterol
> in liposome composition? Am I supposed to get the translucent solution
> with cholesterol? What are the conditions for getting translucent
> solution with bath sonicator or tip(prob) sonicator.
> Thanks in advance
I have always obtained a cloudy solution with sonication. Only with 
extrusion have I obtained a translucent liposome preparation.

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