ethidium bromide contamination on clothes

SJC snip.this!-scott.coutts at
Tue Jun 13 08:32:52 EST 2006

el wrote:
> so basically you are saying I have contaminated all my clothes, washing
> machine and probably my apartment?

I wouldnt worry too much about it. There's no doubt that it is not good 
for you and that it is a strong mutagen. However, it doesnt penetrate 
cells easily, and it is easily washed away. Wash your stuff a few times 
and it'll be so diluted that it will be fine.

Use the incident as a lesson though! :)

Depending on your level of funding, you might consider SYBRSafe stain by 
Molecular Probes. It's much more expensive, and has a couple of other 
drawbacks, but it's less harmful than EtBr.


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