Does the postPCR 4-degree hold damage the thermal cycler ??

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>>I have no evidence that an overnight 4deg hold causes excessive wear on a
>>thermocycler, but having touched the hot side of a peltier module cooling
>>to 4deg, it wouldn't at all surprise me if it did present a problem.
> It's only a problem if the fan breaks. Peltier itself chips themselves
> can withstand high temps very well. Modern Beckman centrifuges
> have Peltier-based cooling systems - and these machines are built
> to last decades.
>>FWIW, I have done many overnight 10deg holds without ill effect on the
>>DNA.  I don't know if it's any better for the instrument, but it makes me
>>feel better.
> For long life of the instrument, occasional sacrifice of the small
> animal might be needed :-)

Shit... I am the shortest one in the lab...

Musha ring dum a doo dum a dah - 

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