Granuloma histology

Ruhaifa Mahmoud ruhaifa_bio at
Wed Jun 28 04:54:48 EST 2006

Dear all
  I've induced granuloma by implanting a sterile cooton pellet with known weight for 7 days in rats.
  So i want to do histology to confirm that i have a true granuloma with it's specializes features.
  Here in my lab, i can follow only the classical paraffin method for light microscope. I am thinking of using HE for staining, and because of the previous hardening problems due to cotton, i've already removed the cotton and placed it in bouin's fixative and will use Ethanol-xylene for dehydration and clearing. in addition, i'm trying to look for efficiency of plant extract in treating the granuloma for 7 days, so i will do histology for control and treated ones.
  Could you please help me in finding the ideal procedure for slides preperation.
  Thanks in advance.

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